Baltic Birch. Better For Furniture.

Named after its natural home on the shores of the Baltic Sea in Eastern Europe, Baltic birch ply is a naturally stronger and more durable type of plywood with an attractive, uniform face.

This plywood is composed exclusively of birch veneer (thin sheets of birch wood) compressed and bonded together. Each layer of veneer is the same thickness, resulting in a more consistent, void-free and stable sheet of plywood. Each sheet of veneer is stacked and bonded together in an alternating orientation, improving the tensile strength of the sheet with the bonus of having an attractive lined edge pattern.


The front and back veneers are typically thicker than the top level veneers of other types of plywood, making Baltic plywood more durable and less prone to chipping or sanding damage.


While Baltic birch plywood is typically more uniform and less prone to voids, there are different grades that denote the level of perfection. The top level Baltic birch grade is B/BB (meaning Face/Back grade), with each letter designation allowing for a specific set of defects.


B/BB Baltic birch plywood will have a face that is a light, consistently uniform colour without defects and a back that may have up to six colour-matched patches no larger than an egg. The core plies of this grade board will all be single, solid pieces of birch veneer. duhn furniture uses this grade plywood for our furniture exclusively, guaranteeing you the utmost material quality.


Because of its durability and consistency, Baltic birch is often used for cabinets and furniture. The exterior grade lamination makes this type of plywood less susceptible to water damage. The strength, uniform plies and thicker face and backing veneer also make Baltic birch the plywood of choice for pieces where dovetail or finger joints are required, much like the joints used in duhn furniture pieces.


To keep our costs down, duhn furniture is supplied with only a light sand on the face and edges of each piece. This light sanding allows the furniture to be used as soon as it is assembled. We would recommend either oiling or painting the furniture after it has been put together.


Due to the strength and durability of our birch ply, the furniture can be assembled using only a white rubber mallet. Some of the joints will be quite tight and would require a level of force, but this ensures that the furniture will not fall apart under any weight.

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