Product Information

Products being unfinished means that all the timber has received a light sanding from our manufacturers to remove any burs on the edges. The birch ply wood is not treated with any oil, varnish or paint.

At the minimum we would recommend you apply a coating of wood oil. This would prevent any staining and is available in a multitude of stains.

You could also varnish each piece, but this may make it difficult to disassemble the furniture should you want to in the future.

Lastly, you could also paint the furniture however you please. We have used POP! Paints, you can find them here.

More Information on Flat Pack Furniture

duhn furniture is delivered unassembled in packages. Depending on the item purchased, some furniture may be delivered in more than one package.
We have designed our furniture to be as manageable to handle as possible, so you won’t need a forklift or ripped abs to cart it around.

We’re probably as excited as you are to get your swanky new duhn furniture, like all good things, our timber furniture does take some time to manufacture and prepare so that you get the best quality for the lowest price.

Lead time for manufacture is 10-14 days or sooner and we aim to dispatch all deliveries every Wednesday.

Yes. duhn furniture has been built for you to assemble at home. Each piece is supplied with an instruction leaflet to guide you through the process. This leaflet has been written by a real person who knows how to write instructions.
To assemble the furniture you would only need a rubber mallet (white head) and some sandpaper (see also Do I need tools to assemble the furniture?).

Yes. duhn furniture slots together and much like a dysfunctional family, uses the tension between sections to hold everything together. Some of these joints are easy enough to bash together with your hand, but some are tighter and will need to be knocked in with a rubber mallet. We won’t judge you for pretending to be Thor when you do that.

If you are not concerned about dismantling the furniture in the future, you can glue all duhn furniture together using standard cold wood glue (available at most good hardware stores).

We provide step-by-step assembly instructions for each furniture item which details exactly which tools, pieces and parts are required for each step. If you require any further assistance, you can contact us through our website and we will happily help you.

Unwanted furniture can be returned if they comply with our returns policy, i.e. if they are undamaged, unused and in their original packaging. We won’t accept unwanted flat pack furniture that has been assembled, so please be sure of your purchase before assembling it.

Damaged or defective furniture products may be returned in terms of our Returns Policy.

We believe that the product supplied is robust enough to withstand a lot of punishment, but we are aware that sometimes things can’t be prevented. We promise not to ask embarrassing questions about exactly how you broke the furniture.

If you find yourself in need of a replacement part, please contact us through our website and we will do our best to get you a replacement. You may incur a replacement cost as well as delivery costs.

If you have reached a step and find that you are missing a part you should:

  1. Re-read the current step in the assembly guide to make sure you’re looking for the right part. This is our equivalent of the “have you tried switching it on and off?” solution.
  2. Retrace your steps to see whether you didn’t use a part incorrectly in a previous step. Silly you.
  3. Look through all the packaging to ensure the missing part isn’t hidden in the packaging. Silly packaging.
  4. If you are still unable to find the missing part, you will need to return the product for a replacement, subject to our Returns Policy. Silly us.

Payment Information

We gladly accept Visa, MasterCard, EFT and MobiCred payments. Unfortunately we cannot accept COD orders and all orders must be paid in full once submitted online.

There may be an initial authorization of your card once you submit your order online; however, your card is only charged once the order is processed.

We do our best to provide accuracy in the pricing and other product information displayed on our website, but mistakes sometimes happen. In such cases, expressly reserves the right not to honor pricing errors found on this website when accepting an online order. If an error occurs, we’ll let you know and cancel the order. Any authorized payments for that order will be immediately refunded. If you find an error once your order is delivered, please contact us or refer to our return policy.

Orders & Returns

We use your info to fulfill your order accurately and quickly, and to improve your shopping experience. We respect your privacy and never share this information with anyone, except in connection with your order. If you want to know more, take a look at our Private Policy.

To view the status of your order, simply log in to your account and click “Orders.” Then, select the order you want to review. Your order document will show you which items you’ve ordered and an approximate delivery date.

We will also keep you updated on your order process.

Orders can be cancelled as long as they haven’t already been loaded onto our delivery trucks. To cancel, please contact our Customer Care team at least 48 hours prior to your delivery date and we will promptly refund your credit card. In some cases, there may be a restocking fee or delivery fee if the order is canceled after it has already been picked up for delivery.

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